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  •  Anthropology Review Datababase, June 2011, by Jack David Eller. “In a gentle way, the film illustrates that young Muslims in America struggle successfully to integrate their American identities and their Muslim identities—and that Muslim youths are not only normal people but hold many of the attitudes and values that other Americans wish they could instill in their children”.
  •  School Library Journal, (scroll down dot Social Studies). It is refreshing to learn history and vocabulary through the teenagers rather than professors or scholars. There is no agenda to this film other than an open, free discussion. Even the most devout of the teenagers lack dogmatism and speak candidly. Highly recommended to foster dialogue about religion.”
  •  Read a review in Educational Media Reviews Online. Stark, direct, humorous and serious. […] Abraham’s Children takes a monumental step in awakening the viewer to the basic similarities shared by all human beings”.